Holiday Wishes

December 18th, 2011

To the followers of the Guelph ACM website.

Well we have come to another successful and trying year for the ACM at Guelph.  I think we should all like to thank Jason Ernst for his time with ACM as Chair.  Jason is stepping down in order to focus more heavily upon his own graduate work and will still be about to support us.  I would like to thank Eddie Ma who is joining us in making this new website.

This year we have had successes in our completions.  We even were part of the push for the department to offer a new class on ACM programming contest techniques.  We have brought on new events such as the Hack-a-thons.

We plan next semester to continue our speaker series, bringing to students new ideas which they would not find in their normal studies.  We plan to have our first election cycle, moving the club from the embryonic state it has been in since its creation.  We have been really worried about succession and providing a future beyond the current executives, to ensure a strong group in future.  Elections of officials will be the first step in this process.

I know that this next year will be full of both challenges and new victories.  Enjoy your time spent with friends and family.  Come back rested, we will count on everyone to ensure a strong ACM at Guelph.

Joseph Brown, Vice Chair

Coming Winter 2012

August 28th, 2011

Hi Everyone!

I’m very excited to announce that our new website will debut in Winter 2012. Subscribe to our RSS feed to be sure to catch the news from the Guelph ACM Chapter. Enjoy the rest of your Christmas break!

– Guelph ACM Chapter